Truck carrying sand catches fire on Rama Mandi flyover in Jalandhar, major mishap averted; Watch

Quick action by Traffic Police and Fire Department averts disaster

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Fire on Rama Mandi flyover


A catastrophic incident unfolded on the Delhi National Highway in Jalandhar as a truck loaded with sand caught fire on the Rama Mandi Flyover. The cause of the fire is currently attributed to a short circuit.


Swift response prevents disaster


Thanks to the rapid response of both the Traffic Police and the Fire Department, a major disaster was averted. Their immediate actions played a crucial role in containing the flames and preventing extensive damage. While there were no reported casualties during the incident, the truck was reduced to ashes.


Traffic police on alert


Traffic Police personnel stationed at the Pathankot Chowk received a wireless message indicating that a truck on the Rama Mandi Flyover had caught fire. Responding swiftly, they halted traffic and coordinated with the Fire Department to control the situation.


Fire Department's heroic efforts


The Fire Department, led by Chief Fireman Naresh Kumar, arrived at the scene to find the truck engulfed in flames. Despite the challenging circumstances, they managed to bring the fire under control. It was later determined that a short circuit had sparked the blaze.


Safety measures and investigation


The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of safety measures and regular inspections to prevent electrical failures that can lead to fires. An investigation into the exact cause of the short circuit will be carried out to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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