True Scoop launches Youth Ambassador Programme in Punjab's Top 15 Universities & Colleges

The colleges & universities included LPU, DAV University, Chitkara University,  GNA University, Punjab Agriculture University, APJ College, PIMS, Hindu Sabha College, Rayat Bahra, Khalsa College Amritsar, PTU, GNDU Amritsar, Chandigarh University, Punjab University Patiala, and NIT Jalandhar.

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In one of a kind, Punjab's fastest-growing digital media house, True Scoop News launched its Youth Ambassador Programme (YAP) in  Punjab's top 15 Universities & Colleges. To connect the youths and give them a platform to voice their opinion that the mainstream media does not usually look after, True Scoop shortlisted students from 15 colleges and universities who attended its unique YAP event at Jullundur Gymkhana Club on March 21, 2024. The Colleges & Universities included Lovely Professional University, DAV University, Chitkara University,  GNA University, Punjab Agriculture University, APJ College, PIMS, Hindu Sabha College, Rayat Bahra, Khalsa College Amritsar, PTU, GNDU Amritsar, Chandigarh University, Punjab University Patiala, and NIT Jalandhar. 


Youth Ambassadors of Punjab's 15 Universities and Colleges participated in an interactive session with True Scoop News Managing Director, Ms. Khyati Kohli. During the interactive session, Ms. Khyati Kohli asked about the ideas that the youth representatives wanted to pen down or make a video. True Scoop News has launched the Youth Ambassadors Programme (YAP) to engage with the vibrant youth community across the Top 15 Universities/Colleges of Punjab & empower young individuals to become advocates for change by giving them a platform to voice their opinions, raise important issues, and share stories that often go unnoticed by mainstream media. 


Under the YAP, shortlisted students are assigned as representatives of their Universities or Colleges and they will get a hands-on experience with a Google-associated program. True Scoop aims to empower the digitally immersed youth. Its mission is to provide accessible and sought-after content that resonates with their interests. From ground-breaking stories to addressing real issues, True Scoop place the hungry and inquisitive youth at the heart of it's digital news channel. 


Students shortlisted by True Scoop under the YAP Program will be given a target to achieve from the month of March 2024 to June 2024. Students need to write 2 articles & make 1 video every week for 3 months. The youth representatives can share their content or video ideas with True Scoop News administration during the pitch meeting every Monday. All the representatives are required to fill out the Pre-YAP forms by 30 March. The students should create a 250-member WhatsApp Group by 31 March to connect the youths. 


Furthermore, students should also host a mini-event at their respective institute by 30 April 2024 that may include- Focus group, Discussion Forum, Debate, Youth Dialogue, Open Mic, Theme-based event, or Manifesto-writing event. The youth ambassadors' performance will be adjudged based on the stories submitted in a month & their reach, the Pre-program evaluation form vs the Post-program evaluation form, the Event organized, and the WhatsApp Community.  


The 15 Universities & Colleges and students who participated in Youth Ambassadors Proramme's Interactive Session included- Tarmika from LPU, Hashir from DAV University, Jatin from Chitkara University, Nandini Marjara from GNA University, Usman Ahmed from Punjab Agriculture University, Amisha Chaggar from APJ College, Richa Chalana from PIMS, Gundeep Kaur from Rayat Bahra, Komalpreet Kaur from Khalsa College Amritsar, Deepak Kumar from PTU University, Jasmine Kaur from GNDU Amritsar, Jaspreet Kaur Sidhu from Punjab University Patiala, Vicky Atal from NIT Jalandhar. Chandigarh University and Hindu Sabha College are also part of the Youth Ambassador Programme. 


Notably, Ms. Geetika, Dean of DAV University, and Mr. Rajneesh Sharma, Deputy Registrar of I.K. Gujral Punjab Technical University also attended the YAP interactive session conducted by True Scoop. 


During the conclusion of the event, every youth representative was given free access to True Scoop's online course Digital Journalism 101, Merchandise Kit, and an incentive was also announced. 


In the incentives, the Most Proactive Representatives will be given Rs 5000. Most Proactive Representatives will be adjudged based on the Highest Number of WhatsApp participants, initiative taken & leadership quality exhibited, meeting the weekly deadlines & showing exemplary discipline, and Getting the most Pre-YAP & Post-YAP forms filled. 


Youth Ambassador who organised the best event will be given Rs 3000, and the student with the most read story will be given Rs 2000. At the end of the Youth Ambassador Programme, one job and one internship will also be given.