In an exclusive interview with the True Scoop team, AAP MLA Sheetal Angural from Jalandhar's West constituency spoke up on several issues. Sheetal Angural bluntly pointed out many problems in the city. Speaking on the 'Smart City' project, Sheetal Angural said that more than  Rs 800 crores have been embezzled in the name of the smart city by previous governments.

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He said that Jalandhar is known as Smart City. 800 crore have been embezzled by previous governments under the Smart City project. The condition of roads and sewerage in Jalandhar is the same even today.

He said that if crores had been spent on a city like Jalandhar, it would have been a center of attraction for the people today. But, the situation in the city is the same today so he will take up the issue in the Assembly whenever he gets a chance. 

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