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T-Series, which had crossed 100 Million subscribers back in May 2019, has achieved another milestone. It has crossed 200 Million marks sustaining its top position in the list of YouTube channels. It has once again emerged as the most-subscribed YouTube channel. Just as the news broke out on Twitter, it started trending everywhere.


It was founded on July 11, 1983, by Gulshan Kumar as Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited. T-series is mainly known for Bollywood soundtracks. It joined YouTube on 13 March, 2006. Before 2019, T-series had to go through a very cut-throat competition with a YouTube channel PewDiePie in terms of subscribers. The competition had become so intense that it led to a mass shooting at Christchurch, New Zealand where the shooters ordered people to subscribe to "PewdiePie'. The race began in September 2008 and went on for around 6 months. It became one of the most talked-about speculations where numerous people kept a live record of the gain and loss of subscribers to both channels. After observing how hateful the competition had become, Kjellberg (the owner of PewDiePie) put an end to the race in a video.


T-series crossed 150 Million mark in August 2020 and took only one year and three months to gain another 50 Million. It is a well-known YouTube channel in India. It also has many sister YouTube channels including T-Series Tamil, T-Series Telugu, Bollywood Classics, T-Series Kids Hut, T-Series Apna Punjab, etc. It is basically a multi-network channel.


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This company is owned by Bhushan Kumar, son of Gulshan Kumar. T-series has a fan base not only in India but also outside India. Around 40% of its engagement comes from outside India. It has a great subscription base in the USA also. Who would have thought that a music company started by a juice seller in Delhi would one day win the hearts of millions.

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