UAE woman sets world record by travelling 7 continents in just 3 days!

Dr Khawla Al Romaithi travelled around 208 countries.

The year 2020 has been full of surprises and shocks or people. Before the world went on a lockdown, a solo traveller Dr Khawla Al Romaithi from the UAE created a world record for travelling the world in the shortest amount of time.  

Dr Romaithi was honoured with the prestigious Guinness Book title for covering all seven continents in just three days, 14 hours, and 46 minutes. Doesn’t that sound miraculous? 

She described her travel to be a difficult one and with lots of hurdles. She said you need a lot of patience to go through continuous plane rides.

Dr Romaithi was able to achieve the honour of getting a place in the prestigious Guinness Book of Records by travelling seven continents in the least time possible. 

Reportedly, she completed her journey around 208 countries to grab this prestigious title. She ended her journey in Sydney, Australia on February 13.

She shared a post with the official certificate on her Instagram account and stated, “I have always been fascinated with Guinness World Records. Thinking of all what I’ve been through, the certificate seemed very heavy to carry. Blessed beyond words.”

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Talking more on her tedious journey, she mentioned that at many occasion she thought of quitting her endeavour. To which she adds, “I wanted to quit on many different occasions if I am being honest, I just wanted to get back home. But I kept looking forward to the end goal. My family and friends deserve a lot of credit for motivating me and encouraging me to keep moving ahead in my journey.”

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According to Al Romaithi, she initiated this journey to 208 countries and dependent territories to learn and discover about the traditions and cultures of those countries.

She said she wanted to prove the world that middle-eastern people are capable of achieving extraordinary record-breaking milestones and accomplishing difficult acts and women are no less. 


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