'Udta Pune': Two young women caught snorting 'white powder' in mall's bathroom, Video sparks uproar

Pune woman consuming drugs video is said to be from a pub's washroom situated inside a mall on Pune-Ahmednagar Road.

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The Internet has been left shell-shocked ever since a video on Monday went viral showcasing two young women allegedly consuming drugs in a Pune Mall's washroom. Pune Mall woman drugs video has raised concerns among the netizens over the city's nightlife. Pune woman consuming drugs video is said to be from a pub on Pune-Ahmednagar Road. The pub is reportedly situated inside the famous Pune mall. 

It is said that the women Pune Mall drugs video is two to three months old. However, the clip has recently gone viral on social media. In the viral video, it can be seen two young women are allegedly consuming drugs when another, apparently an older woman, catches them. She orders them to come outside while the two ask her to stop taking the video. "Why should I stop taking the video? I request you to come outside," she says. "Two minutes, we are coming. We are not running away from here," one of the young women replies.

This video went viral only a day after another video circulated on social media which showed some youths with a drug-like substance at a bar named Liquid Leisure Lounge (L3) on Pune's Fergusson College Road. The video depicted some youths in possession of a powdery substance while many others were dancing to loud music.

Reacting to the video, a user wrote, "Why writing pune ahemadnagar mall...write clear Phoenix mall, Viman nagar"

Another user wrote, "Request @CPPuneCity to get into action mode to stop all this rubbish happening in this lovely city cannot hear daily news of drug culture being prevalent in our historical city!
Rules cannot be so blatantly violated all over."

"Camera in washroom - strange" pointed another user. 




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