A pre-university college in Udupi (Karnataka) has been facing the ire of people on social media after it was reported that in December last year four students belonging to a particular community were denied entry into the classroom for wearing hijab (headscarf). The students accused the Principal of the pre-university college of taking such a step and also claimed that they were made to sit outside of the classroom at the stairs and even marked them absent. However, the Principal denied the claims of the students and had stated that the students made the allegations under the influence of some vested interest groups. 

As per News9, the issue of discrimination at the Udupi government women's pre-university was taken up by an organization named Campus Front of India. As per Nazhath Assadi, Udupi district committee member of Campus Front of India, the members of the organization went to consult with the Principal after the parents of the students approached them. However, the discussions with the Principal went in vain. Later, the Education Department took cognizance of the matter and a probe was ordered under the same. 

'Students have to remove it before the class begins,' says Udupi government women's pre-university college

Now, the row took the centre stage once again after a picture of students wearing hijab sitting on the staircase of the school went viral on social media. Following the outrage, Principal Rudra Gowda denied the allegations claimed that the picture that went viral was old, and reiterated that students were acting on the orders of some groups.  

Speaking to News9, Gowda said, "We had allowed students to wear their headscarf inside the campus. They can wear it till they reach their bench and they have to remove it before the class begins to maintain uniformity in the class. They can wear it again before leaving the classroom. We have not stopped any of the students from attending the classes. The image being shared on social media is old."

'Parents agreed to the rules of the school,' says Udupi government women's pre-university college

Furthermore, Principal Gowda stated that to resolve the issue he met with the parents of the students and made them understand the rules of the school to which they agreed. 

"We called a meeting with parents and officials from the education department were also present. We told them about the rules and they agreed to it. A few parents came and met me and said they had no objection to the rule that is being followed. They are fine with their children removing headscarves in the classroom. The parents told me that their children are being influenced by some groups and are unnecessarily trying to rake up a controversy," the principal added.

It is pertinent to mention here that BC Nagesh had last week emphasized the need for a uniform dress code in order to avoid such incidents in the future. 

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