The UK has shifted Indians from red list to amber list, under this the Indians don’t need to quarantine for 10 days in the hotel. They now need to quarantine for 10 days at home or in any place they like.

Under the new rules, Indian citizens need to take  a Covid test within 3 days prior travelling, and they also need to 2 Covid tests in advance that will be taken on the arrival of the passengers in the UK and complete a passenger locator form too.

The authorities of England has made it possible to get out of the quarantine earlier than 10 days, and that can happen if the visitor pays for the “Test to Release” scheme, in this, the passenger can choose to take a private Covid-19 test on the fifth day of quarantine or arrival.

This option can only be taken on the fifth day of the quarantine, and if the result of the test comes negative, then the quarantine ends. The exception of not having a quarantine stay at home is given to those who are fully vaccinated in the UK, the US or in the EU. Those travellers who are below the age of 18 are also exempted to quarantine from home.

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The guidelines state that these people will not need to quarantine: “fully vaccinated in the UK or under the UK vaccine programme overseas; under 18 on the day you arrive in England and resident in the UK or in a country with a vaccination programme approved by the UK and part of a UK-approved vaccine trial.”

The citizens of India along with UAE, Bahrain, and Qatar are shifted to the Amber list while the people of Australia, Germany, and Norway are added to the green list.

This announcement is brought to the notice by the Twitter account of Welwyn Hatfield MP and Secretary of State for Transport, Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP. He also stated, “All changes come into effect Sun 8th August at 4 am.”

He said, "While it's right we continue our cautious approach, it's great news to open more destinations for people wanting to connect with families, friends and businesses across the globe, all thanks to our successful domestic vaccination programme.”

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