The British home secretary Sajid Javid announced that the cap on the number of  the skilled workers such as doctors, engineers, IT professionals etc. migrating to UK will be scrapped in order to protect the sections of the British economy dependent on overseas labour.


He also announced government's plans to relax the rules on the student visas and their further stay after the completion of their study. The low skilled migrants will also be allowed on a more regular basis to work in UK for upto a year.

The new immigration plan seems to be rolling out in 2021.


“We will introduce a new route for skilled workers, which favour experience and talent over nationality. It will enable employers to have access to the skills they need from around the world, while ensuring net migration is reduced to sustainable levels,” said the British home secretary while releasing a White paper which he described as the "biggest shake-up of immigration policy for 40 years". 


“This is just a white paper, and there still a long way to go before it becomes a law. The anti-migration lobby, which is quite strong in the United Kingdom, has already started protesting against these (post-Brexit) plans,” said Professor Bhabani Bose.

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