Russia-Ukraine War: Ukrainians parliamentarians stand together in solidarity, sing ‘National Anthem’

Ukrainian MP Lesia Vesylenko shared the video on her Twitter handle. In the video, 300 members of the Ukraine Parliament stand together in solidarity.

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Russia's war with Ukraine continues for the ninth day in a row. During this period of crisis, 300 members of the Ukraine Parliament stood together in solidarity. The parliamentarians came together on Thursday to sing the national anthem in a secret meet amidst the ongoing chaos.

The video of the secret meeting as well as the parliamentarians signing their national anthem together went viral on social media. Ukrainian MP Lesia Vesylenko wrote on Twitter. "We sing the national anthem in unity as we begin our session in the most targeted building in all of Ukraine," the parliamentarian wrote.

Despite Russian bombs attacking Kyiv, they had a session in the parliament to vote for the essential laws.

Many parliamentarians could not be part of the session due to the attack in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Defence Ministry on Friday said that at least 9,166 Russian personnel have been killed since Moscow began its military assault on Kyiv nine days ago.

In a tweet, the Ministry said that from February 24 until Friday, Russia has also lost 939 armoured combat vehicles, 404 units of automobile equipment, 251 tanks, 105 artillery systems, 60 fuel tanks, 50 multiple rocket launchers, 37 helicopters, 33 aircraft, 18 air defence units, three unmanned aerial vehicles and two-speed boats.

Kherson became the first major city to fall since the assault began nine days ago.

Also on Friday, Russian troops captured the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, where a fire had erupted earlier in the day due to shelling.