Year on year, we celebrate Women’s Day. Brands use this time to endorse beautifully and gain some decent traction. Event companies honour influential women. NGOs visit underprivileged women to check up on them. But how often do we revisit our conditionings? Some uninvited advice that have come to rule the way we perceive and do many things. Those unsolicited opinions are stopping millions of women from living to their best potential. 

This Women’s Day, gift your favourite Woman a few reminders of what they’re truly capable of. Encourage them to break free of the society-borne conditioning and open their hearts to what they truly deserve. 

5 lessons that every woman needs to unlearn this Woman’s Day:  

Women should unlearn second moves. Second moves mean you’ve given the control of your life to another, usually a man. First moves get you in charge. They empower you to follow your hearts. And despite what your Fear’s Advocate tells you, more often than not, they lead exactly where you’re meant to be.

Women should unlearn gratitude. Gratitude for a car door opened, gratitude for a guy friend who just paid your bill because obviously, girls don’t pay, gratitude for fathers or husbands who manage your finances for you.
Women should unlearn their fear of judgment. In a survey, it was proved that men are typically more confident of being right about their decisions than women, even when they are not. Women, even when they think they are right, hesitate to speak up lest they mess up. Women are more afraid to be wrong. And this directly stems from the fact that a woman pays more heavily in the court of society for a similar mistake that a man conducts, especially in India.
Women should unlearn staying quiet. “Quiet for the greater good” often turns into a lack of self-respect and internal conflicts that surface in other ways. Standing up for yourself and for something greater than yourself is a beautiful thing to do.  Don’t let people let you believe otherwise.

Women should unlearn apologies. Apologies for mistakes that are not your own. Apologies for putting your own needs first. Apologies for following your hearts. Apologies for choosing career over family. Apologies for living the unconventional life for a woman in India.

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