These are the happiest cities in the world in 2024, know the happiest cities in India

Two cities in India have been able to make it to this list, that too at 210th and 232nd place.

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There are hundreds of countries in the world, and the population of people living is in the billions. The basis of happiness for all these people may be different, but the happiness of a country, state, or city can be measured on certain parameters. On this basis, "The Institute of Quality of Life" has released the Happy City Index which has a list of the happiest cities in the world. Let us know which city is the happiest in the world and which city in India has the happiest people.

'The Institute of Quality of Life' United Kingdom, has released the 'Happy City Index 2024' regarding the happiness of cities. A total of 250 cities in the world have made their place in this list, which has been placed in the categories of gold, silver, and bronze. The cities that have gotten up to 37th place in this list have been categorised under gold. Cities ranked 30 to 100 are placed in the silver category, and cities ranked 100 to 250 are placed in the bronze category.

The happiest city in the world is "Aarhus" in Denmark, which is the second-largest city in Denmark. 335,000 people live in this city. It has been placed at the top due to a free public health care scheme, low unemployment, and social betterment.

At the same time, if we talk about the second position, the city of Zurich in Switzerland has a place in the top 2. Berlin, in Germany, is at number three. Finland may be the happiest country in the world, but on the list of happy cities, this country's capital city of Helsinki is at number five.

These are the two happiest cities in India.

If we talk about the list of 250 cities, only two cities in India have been able to make it to this list, at 210th and 232nd place, respectively. India's tech city, Bengaluru, is in 210th place, while Tamil Nadu's capital, Chennai, is in 230th place.