Lucknow: In the Yamunapuram Colony of PGI Kotwali area of ​​Lucknow, the son of an army officer shot dead the mother on Saturday night. The son and daughter hid the incident for two days. 

After the foul smell emanating from the dead body, the son informed the father late on Monday night. Police reached the information of the father and recovered the body. When the children were questioned, it was found that the son shot his mother for refusing to play the PUBG game.

Mother was shot in the head with a licensed revolver: Naveen Singh, a resident of Panchamkheda Yamunapuram, is posted in Asansol, West Bengal on the post of JCO in the army. Wife Sadhna Singh (35) lived in Lucknow with her 16-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter. 

According to ACP Cantt, at around 9 pm on Tuesday, Naveen Singh called and informed us about the murder of his wife and the children being taken, hostage. When the police interrogated the son and daughter, the son accepted the murder.

The mother's corpse was lying at home, the son kept partying for three days, and the incident of Yamuna Vihar Colony is going to giving a haunting image of this incident. The mother's body was lying in the house and the son called friends and had a party. He had no remorse for his actions and no fear. Called friends himself and called home. Ordered food online and played pub games. This disclosure has come to the fore during the interrogation of the police.

ADCP Qasim Abbas told that when the police reached the information of the incident, the children told that Akash electrician had come through the roof. The name of the electrician is known because two days ago he had come to fix the electricity. Akash had shot and locked him in the room on Sunday. 

Somehow, when he was freed the next day, he informed his father on the phone. When the police interrogated the son and daughter, another story came out. The daughter told the whole story. Told that it was the brother who had shot. 

According to the ADCP, after the murder of the mother on Saturday night, the son had locked the room from the outside. The younger sister had already been silenced by threatening. Even after the mother's body was lying in the room, the son called friends and called them home. Ordered food through an online app. Party with friends. Played songs Went out to play with friends for some time.

Army officer originally from Varanasi

ADCP told that Naveen Singh, the army officer, is originally from Varanasi. The children were shifted to Lucknow for studies. The children were studying with their mother in Yamuna Vihar. Due to falling into the wrong company, the son has done such a big incident.

She was sleeping with her mother...that's when her brother fired

Sadhna's ten-year-old daughter has told the police that she was sleeping with her mother on Saturday night. Then the sound of firing was heard. She got up and sat down. In front, the brother was standing with a pistol in his hand. The mother was covered in blood on the bed. Brother took me in his lap and took me to another room. Threatened that if I told anyone about the incident, I would kill you too. She cried for two days. When it became difficult to stay in the house due to the smell, Bhaiya told the father.

Mother beaten up me for missing ten thousand

During interrogation, the son told that on Saturday the mother had forgotten to keep ten thousand rupees in the room. I did not take Rs. Then I was beaten. After some time the mother got Rs. I was angry. At around two o'clock at the night, I reached my mother's room with my father's pistol. Where the mother was killed by shot dead in the head. The police were also stunned after hearing the son's story.

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