The bodies of 46 people who are believed to be migrants entered the United States from Mexico. They were found dead in a tractor that had been abandoned on the outskirts of San Antonio.

One of the officials said that this scene is one of the worst episodes of migrant deaths in the recent years of the United States.

This news has shaken everyone up. It comes as a caveat for the people of India especially Haryana and Punjab, who travel overseas using illegal methods.

The immigration agents of Punjab and Haryana use the ‘DONKEY’ method to send people of these states abroad. In this, the agents charge around Rs. 30-40 Lakhs from the customers and send them to different countries like America, Australia, and England in illegal ways through ships, containers, and trucks.

There are many cases from the past that reveal that this method of sending people illegally to different countries has been practiced by agents of Punjab and Haryana for years.

Around 20 years back on Christmas eve, The Mediterranean Sea became a grave for 300 young men who were trying to enter Europe illegally. Not only this, it was sometime in April 2017, when 30 young men from India who were hungry, tired, and in great fear of wild animals tried to enter America through the Darién Gap.

These are only some examples of how immigration agents of India put the likes of our people at stake just to send them overseas.

However, this incident has surely acted as a warning for the people of Punjab and Haryana that they should not risk losing their lives by traveling to other countries illegally. 

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