In a sad development, a shooter killed 6 people at a Christian private school in Nashville, US on Monday. The suspect was a teenage girl and was shot dead by the police as per reports. Giving an insight into the case, at around 10:13 am police began receiving calls of a shooter at The Covenant School, which teaches children up to 6th grade. Post this, police reached the spot and heard gunfire sounds from the 2nd floor of the school. Reportedly, the shooter has two semi-automatic rifles and a handgun. Later, she was shot dead by two officers and 5 other team officials in a lobby area by 10:27 am. Around 6 people were then taken to hospital who were the victims of shooting. While 3 students were declared by the hospital staff of Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital. Three adult staff members were killed on spot. As per police reports, other than 6 deceased, no one else was shot.

Who is the shooter?

As per police reports, the shooter has been identified as Audrey Hale who is 28 years old. As per the spokesperson of police officials, she has been identified as transgender. After being shot, the investigation was carried out by the police of Hale’s stuff. During investigation, they found a manifesto, maps of the school’s detailed surveillance. As per information, the shooter was planning a broader attack at multiple locations. Audrey Hale has around two assault rifles and a handgun. She entered from a side entrance allegedly shooting through a door. There was a confusion regarding her gender as officials were using ‘she’ ‘her’ to identify while the LinkedIn profile considered Audrey as male.

As per police out of the three children, one was eight years old while two were around the age of 9. All adults were aged between 60-61 years of age. US President Joe Biden condemned the latest shooting and urged police to pass a ban on the assault weapons often used in mass shootings.

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