Washington:  Top Universities like Harvard, MIT, Cornell, Yale and Princeton along with a total of 65 Universities have challenged the Trump administration in court against its new stringent visa policy for foreign students.

The new Visa policy has now authorized the Department of Homeland Security to take action on the individual the day after the completion of their degree or the day after a person visa expires.

                          Earlier it used to be a period of six months, after the visa had expired or the degree had been completed and only after that period, the individual could be forced to return to their country of origin and subject to a three year bar from the US Visa. This period was known to be as the period of ‘Unlawful Presence’.

The Universities expressed their concern as the new Visa policy for foreign students puts visa-holding students in a position to make “tough choices” and has a detrimental effect on the higher education system of US.

Statistically, US might still be accounted to be the global leader in terms of higher education but the gap is closing with China, Canada, Britain and Russia are all looking for the same talent reducing the drop in the market share of US from 23% in 2000 to 16% in 2012.

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