By hearing the name, a thought that comes into everyone’s mind is that the day must be related to boyfriends appreciating their girlfriends or doing something special for them, but it is not true.

The first day of August is celebrated as National Girlfriend’s Day in the USA every year.  It is a day for girls to thank their girlfriends who have been there with them in all ups and downs of life. More than girlfriends these girls are like soul sisters.

It is a day that is celebrated in the United States of America, where all the girls spend the whole day with their girlfriends doing the most fun activities together. This day reminds all the girls that there is someone in life who will always be there with them no matter what, who will always have their back, a person who will listen to them endlessly, etc.

The day should be celebrated by doing fun stuff like shopping, having a spa, eating your favorite food, sipping some wine and having endless chats about past, present and of course future.

Going back to the history from where the day originated is that Mistress Susan created this special day on August 1, 2004, just for the girlfriends to express gratitude to each other.


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