Users trend "Rs 100" on Twitter, one user says 'Petrol hits century before Virat Kohli'

Users took to twitter to share their disappointment over rise in petrol prices.

As the price of petrol reached slightly more than Rs 100 in India and the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi blamed his predecessors for the hike in price, users on micro-blogging site criticized the government led by BJP for its remarks.

One of the users, Nitin having an account of Twitter as @SoulsFlute tweeted, "आत्मनिर्भर पेट्रोल "Rs 100" (Atmanirbhar Petrol Rs 100).

Another user, Mayank Deep tweeted, "Petrol hits the century before @imVkohli in 2021. #PetrolvsKohli Rs 100"

One of the users, Svapn Thakur tweeted, "चलो अच्छा हुआ... अब छुट्टे देने की टेंशन ख़तम- सीधा RS 100 का भरवाओ" (Come on, it's good ... now the tension of giving change is over - get it straight for RS 100.)

Satveer Godara shared his anger by tweeting, "आप कबतक पहले की सरकारों पर यूँ ठीकरी फोड़ेंगे जनाब ?? 2014 से आपकी सरकार हैं आप जो चाहते कर सकते थे,जुमलों के अलावा धरातल पर काम कर अपने वादे पूरे करतें,मान लेते है पहले की सरकारों ने कुछ नही किआ,आपने क्या किआ,क्या कर रहे हैं वो बताइये !! Rs 100 #petrol100 #FarmersProtest" (How long will you keep blaming the previous governments like this? It is your government at the center since 2014. You could have done what you wanted. You could have fulfilled promises on ground apart from your jumlas. For a moment, let's agree that the earlier governments did nothing, what did you do, tell me what you are doing !! Rs 100 # petrol100 #FarmersProtest."

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