Vigilance probes land sales despite Mohali ITCI-Kurali Road acquisition notice

Vigilance scrutinizes new ITCT-Kurali road amid reports of land sales post Section 3D notification for Bharat Mala Project.

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In an effort to facilitate travel the people of state and near-by, Vigilance began examining the newly constructed road from ITCT to Kurali. It is said that the land was sold ever after the notification of Section 3D which was issued for land acquisition for the road being built under the Bharat Mala Project.

Even the registration of the land has been done. The complainant has raised questions about the role of officials in this case. Vigilance has recorded the statement. Now Vigilance is seriously investigating every fact. If any fault is found then the case will be registered in the coming days.

Land acquisition notification in February

In this regard, farmer Ranveer Singh had made a complaint to the Vigilance. He mentioned that a 32-kilometer road was being built. The central government issued a notification for land acquisition in February 2021.

During this, it was found that some influential people had purchased the land, while according to Section 3D, land cannot be purchased and trasfered after the schedule. He had informed the Vigilance about some registrations even a few copies of the same have also been handed over to the authorities.

Fraudulently planted gardens

The complainant said that the people who are involved in the source of the land purchase have also planted trees and made parks on that land even after the notification so that a huge amount can be recovered from the government. He said that some photographs related to this have also been seized by the Vigilance.

Earlier in Mohali, a case of fraudulently planting guava, in the matter of land acquisition for a government project also came to light.