Ahmedabad: Inaugurating the renovated office of state Waqf Board, Vijay Rupani, the chief minister of Gujarat, made a bold claim saying that the condition of Muslims living in Gujarat was better than the ones living in any other state of the country.

He accused the Congress of creating a Hindu-Muslim rift and expressed his hope for the end of  'votebank politics'.

The Gujarat CM referred to the Sachar Committee report claiming a better socio-economic and education of the Muslim community in the state.

"For over 50 years, the Congress treated Muslims as mere votebank, as a result Muslims lagged behind in education, employment and in terms of economic development," said Mr. Rupani."It was the Congress which created a rift between Hindus and Muslims and incited them against each other. Ever since the BJP (once again) came to power, no communal violence has taken place. Such riots took place only during the Congress rule," added Mr Rupani.

He said when the country is moving towards 'Surajya' (good governance), it is necessary to abolish the 'votebank politics'.

Mr Rupani said instead of engaging in "appeasement politics", the BJP government in Gujarat has adopted the motto of "appeasement to none, justice to all".



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