Viral photo of an exhausted nurse in PPE suit rekindles faith in humanity

As the world and India battles the pandemic Corona virus, those on the absolute frontlines – the doctors, the nurses, and the support staff at hospitals and clinics – are bearing the physical and emotional brunt, not to say the real risk of getting infected day in and day out.

The hearts of all individuals go out to the sung and unsung heroes of the ongoing war against the pandemic Covid-19.

Still, a couple of stories emerge out and lead as a beacon.

One such story is where a mental health professional who contracted the virus Corona was being treated in a hospital.

The reality of the health workers hit the professional hard. Vandana Mahajan, a palliative care counsellor, was in the hospital for about a week.

There she had opportunity to interact with doctors, nurses, and other team members in person.

She clicked a heart-warming and respect-inspiring photo of a medical health professional whose tiredness probably equalled that of a soldier in a battlefield.

The medical professional is seen sitting huddled on a chair supporting herself on the wall.

Vandana supported the photo on Twitter.

Mahajan goes on to elaborate in the corresponding thread on Twitter, where she informed that this particular nurse has been on duty non-stop since the start of the pandemic.

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Her husband is in Gulf and away from his son due to the workload, she looks forward to going home and hopes that she does not get infected while helping others.

Similarly another nurse, whose CPR attempts last night could not save the patient, wanted to express his anger at the loss of a human life on his watch, but Mahajan was able to make out his helplessness.

Such in-the-field reports of what is the ground reality in our hospitals reaffirms faith in humanity as well as what our brothers and sisters in the medical fraternity are going through.

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