This Mumbai doctor makes emotional appeal to people to stay safe, says 'We are helpless'

'We are helpless', Mumbai doctor broke down and urged people to wear masks.

India is witnessing a spike in coronavirus, and the everyday number of positive cases is increasing. People are in the agony of the coronavirus and social media is flooded with families crying for help to fight against the novel coronavirus. People are losing their lives because of the lack of medical oxygen in the country. 

The administration of various states has already announced curfews and lockdown to slow down the coronavirus cases. The situation is almost out of control and the doctors, nurses and frontline health workers are working under stress due to unlimited patients and shortage of beds in the hospitals. 

Amid such a tiring schedule, Dr. Trupti Gilada made an appeal. Dr. Trupati is an infectious disease specialist from Mumbai. The appeal is made through a video, shared on social media and it is viral since Tuesday.

The Viral Video:

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In an aching voice, the overworked doctor appealed in a five-minute video and said, "We are helpless, never seen such situation before. People are panicking..."

She further said, "Like other doctors, I am also troubled, I don't know what to do. I am heartbroken. Maybe if I will tell you what worries and make you understand, I might be more peace."

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Dr. Trupti proceeded in the video and listed down three points, appealed people to follow them as strictly as they can. 

'First, Stay Safe'

"First, stay safe, if you have not yet affected by COVID or you have recovered from the virus, don't think that you are a superhero or have strong immunity. You are wrong. We are seeing young people getting admitted to the hospital and we can't help them", she said.

'Second, Wear a Mask'

"COVID is everywhere! IF you are stepping out from your house, whatever the reason is WEAR A FACE MASK. It does not matter that you are going alone or with dozen mates wear a face mask and make sure that your nose is fully covered.", she explained why the face mask is essential. 

'Third, Don't Panic'

"If you get unwell, if you feel unwell don't panic and try to get admitted. I know there is no space in the hospitals, all beds are reserved. If your condition is stable, then first isolate yourself and consult your doctor for further treatment", she added.

She concluded the video, spell out why the vaccination is important. She said, "The people who are vaccinated, witness less infection for the coronavirus. Don't take COVID lightly. Please stay at your home and don't step out unnecessarily. For now, the condition is in such a position that doctors and their families are also not able to reserve a bed for the treatment. If we will take precautions, we will be able to fight against the second wave of the coronavirus. Love You, Take Care!" 

On Thursday, India reported over 3 lakh positive cases and over 2000 deaths in the last 24 hours.

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