In an absolutely horrific incident, a man was mowed down by an automatic vehicle when he was repairing it. The automatic car mowing down a man video is doing rounds on social media with netizens emphasis to buy manual vehicles after seeing the horrific accident. In the viral CCTV video, the man who is probably a mechanic can be seen opening the bonnet of the car and going back to the driving seat to inspect it as the automatic car was said to be broken down. The man after a few seconds again cen be seen approaching the engine compartment when the car accelerates all of a sudden, crushing into a steel gate with the mechanic stuck in between. Furthermore, in the video a woman with her child and a man roaming around it while the accident took place. As soon as the automatic vehicle accident took place, the woman ran towards the man and started screaming.

The video was shared by a Twitter user saying, "If an automatic vehicle breaks down, never stand in front of the vehicle. Please warn your friends and relatives. Share this message as an example." It is pertinent to mention here that the place where the incident took place has not been identified. Furthermore, what happened with the man and what kind of injury he sustained is not known.

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Netizens' reaction on the horrific video

On the horrific incident, one of the users wrote, "Seems manual vehicles are more safer by all means ."

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Another user wrote, "I still can't understand why people choose Automatic vehicles? Are they that lazy to shift gears?"

"Car must be on D mode.. not on P or N. No handbreak or may be it's a manual car. Because AT doesn't move without accelerator. Highly unlikely to move on its own," added another user.

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