Vladimir Putin Assassination Attempt: Ukraine strikes Kremlin with Kamikaze Drones, Russia vows to retaliate; Watch Video

Kremlin in its official statement accused Ukraine of trying to assassinate Vladimir Putin using a kamikaze drone, a Turkish-origin suicide drone

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In a massive development that can indeed intensify the Russia-Ukraine war, Kyiv tried to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin by launching a drone strike upon Kremlin. Yes! you heard it right. On Wednesday, Kremlin in its official statement accused Ukraine of trying to assassinate Vladimir Putin using a kamikaze drone, a Turkish-origin suicide drone. Vladimir Putin's assassination attempt has been termed a "planned terrorist action" by the Kremlin and therefore, Russia has vowed to enforce its right to retaliate. As per Russian media, two unmanned aerial vehicles were aimed at the Kremlin. Now, multiple Kremlin drone attack video has been doing rounds on social media and it is getting traction from all around the world.

In the viral Vladimir Putin assassination attack video, a huge smog can be seen appearing in the air over Kremlin. As per reports, the smog of of suicide drones that were launched to kill Vladimir Putin. As per Russian authorities, two drones had been used in the alleged attack but had been disabled by Russian defenses.

Is Russian President Vladimir Putin safe?

The answer is yes. As per Kremlin, Putin was not in the fortress at the time of the alleged incident. A Kremlin spokesperson was quoted by Russian media saying, "As a result of this terrorist act, the president of the Russian Federation was not injured. His work schedule has not changed, it continues as usual." It is pertinent to mention here that Putin's assassination attempt comes after Ukraine was suspected of being behind a wave of kamikaze drone strikes on Russian targets including an oil depot and military airfield.

It is pertinent to mention here that 4 days back, Russia had launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine which claimed 25 lives. As per reports, 23 people - including four children - were killed in an attack that hit a block of flats in the central city of Uman. The Russian missile attack was also targeted at Ukraine's capital Kyiv.

Netizens React to Vladimir Putin's assassination attempt

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A user wrote, "Russian government confirms the Kremlin was attacked overnight, and are calling it an assassination attempt on President Vladimir Putin. Two drones exploded behind the Kremlin walls."

Another user wrote, "Ukraine tried to strike at the Kremlin at night. It happened at about 3 o'clock in the morning. Two drones were reportedly aimed at the residence of Vladimir Putin. Russian president was not injured, the Kremlin said.- Russian media. (Not a joke)"