Waris Punjab De Chief Amritpal Singh's wife Kirandeep Kour stopped from leaving the country for the third time

Once again, Waris Punjab De Chief Amritpal Singh's wife Kirandeep Kour was stopped from leaving the country. She had a confirmed flight to UK but was stopped again.

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At Delhi International Airport, immigration officers stopped Kirandeep Kaur, the spouse of Waris Punjab De Chief Amritpal Singh for the third time on Wednesday. Kirandeep Kaur had arrived at the airport, to board a flight for the UK. Currently, she is being questioned by the team. Earlier, at the airport in Amritsar, Kirandeep had also been detained. She was released from custody after three hours of interrogation.

According to sources, Kirandeep's travel plans were allegedly related to a ceremony honoring Khalistani Sikh leader Avtar Singh Khanda, who recently passed away in a UK hospital under mysterious circumstances. Khanda was thought to be a close friend of pro-Khalistan leader Amritpal Singh, who is currently being held in Assam's Dibrugarh jail under the National Security Act (NSA).

According to sources, Kirandeep may make divisive statements in the UK that could foster animosity toward India.

When contacted, Kirandeep initially declined to speak about the matter; however, after persistent perusal she said, “I was stopped for the third time when going to UK, as the law requires me to make an entry by 180 days. During April, certain media platforms and individuals thought I was fleeing back to UK but one can not simply flee back home.”

She claimed that she confirmed with police officers that everything was in order before purchasing her ticket exactly one month in advance, but was told to wait until July 18. She continued, "Unfortunately, I was stopped again today.”

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On February 10 of this year, Amritpal married Kirandeep Kaur at his hometown of Jallupur Kheda after his return from Dubai. The ceremony was kept entirely under wraps. Kirandeep Kaur is a citizen of UK. She belongs to the Jalandhar village of Kularan. Her family had settled in England a while back.

After Amritpal absconded, Kirandeep Kaur had stated in an interview with a magazine that she would not leave Amritpal. She said, “Amritpal's message was purely religious. He is innocent and has done nothing wrong. Amritpal has consistently motivated young people to abstain from drug use. He is being accused of false charges right now.”

Earlier, on April 20 at the Amritsar airport, immigration officers detained Amritpal's NRI wife Kirandeep Kaur. She was on her way to London. At Amritsar's Guru Ramdas International Airport, Kirandeep Kaur was questioned for three hours. After that, Kirandeep Kaur was transported back to Amritpal's hometown of Jallupur Kheda village.

Amritpal had a case filed against him under the NSA, and he is now being held in the Dibrugarh Jail. On February 23, it attacked the Ajnala police station in the Punjabi neighborhood of Amritsar and demanded the release of one of his supporters. He has since caught the attention of the police. The cops tried to apprehend him on March 18 but he fled. On April 23, around 36 days later, the police learned that Amritpal was present in the Rode village Gurudwara. The first people to arrive were IG of Punjab Police Intelligence and SSP Satinder Singh of Amritsar Rural. The police squad that arrived in plain clothes detained Amritpal.