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Experiments are often appreciated by people as they allow us to witness unexpected things. Whenever one tries to do something different, something that hasn’t been done before, it comes with an equal risk. It can go both ways; either earn you praise from all corners or get you trolled. In what could be called an experiment gone wrong, a flood blogger put Gulab Jamun in Samosa instead of usual potatoes.

While he surely would have expected that it could be something that produces a great taste, it turned out to be a flop. He rather ended up making a tasteless Samosa, which even he didn’t like himself. 

A flood blogger named Abhishek shared this video on his Instagram handle. He puts in a Gulab Jamun in the Samosa while asking people how they think about his experiment. To his utmost surprise, when he himself tries to eat one, he doesn’t like the taste. He could be seen shaking his head, trying to express displeasure with his own experiment.

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The video has highly irked Samosa lovers and they are showing their anger over this weird experiment. The video has gone viral as people in large numbers are sharing it over several social media platforms.

The video has already crossed over 38 lakh views while about 1.40 lakh have liked it on Instagram alone. This video could be seen as an example of reverse publicity. While people are trolling the blogger for his experiment, his follower list as well as engagement has increased manifold.

There are many people who are lauding him as well for being honest by revealing the taste, as he could have easily pretended that it tastes good. 

Watch the video here

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