WATCH: Heroic dog’s brave rescue of man who fell in a frozen lake in Michigan

A video of a dog named Ruby heroically rescuing a man stuck in the icy Michigan lake is going viral on the internet

Arbutus Lake Michigan Dog Rescue, Michigan Frozen Lake -

A 65-year-old man’s leisurely walk with his dog in Traverse City, Michigan, took a turn for the worse as he fell through the ice-covered Arbutus Lake. The man found himself trapped in the freezing water. Fortunately, his loyal dog named Ruby stayed by his side and helped the state police in rescuing its owner.


Michigan State Police motor Carrier officer Kammeron Bennetts was dispatched to the after nearby onlooker witnessed the incident and called emergency number 911. Upon arrival, Bennetts saw the man struggling to stay afloat, only his head and shoulders visible above the surface. Witnessing this Bennetts knew he had to act fast.


Bennetts attempted to throw a rescue disc at the man but the harsh icy conditions made the task difficult. That’s when the dog came over and Bennetts attached the disc to her collar. The man then called Ruby to him, and she returned bringing the life saving equipment with her. 


With the discs help, the man was able to swim to the surface. Working alongside a firefighter Bennetts managed to pull the man up to safety. Ruby stood by his side, proving again that dog really is the man’s best friend.


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