A sweet video, featuring two little boys has gone viral on the internet. In the viral video, a homeless child is seen hugging a child from a well-to-do family. 

The video was captured by the mother of a small kid, Kiansh Dete. The video of both kids was shared by her on the Instagram handle and it is gathering praise and love from all sides. Till now, the video has gathered 11 million views and 1 million likes. 

This viral video is too cute to miss, have a look at the video: 

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A post shared by Kiansh Dete & Ayansh Dete (@kiansh_ayansh)

In the video, little Kiansh comes near the homeless child and dances along with him. Then both come close and give a tight hug. 

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Users in the comment sections have applauded the act and also talked about the teaching from the parents. One of the users wrote, “Credits to parents.”

While another wrote, “Aww So Adorable”.

And the third one commented, “How to be true with your heart, great parenting”. 

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