Punjab Transport Minister Laljit Singh Bhullar's dangerous stunt has come to the fore. He is seen waving his hand out of the sunroof of his Endeavor vehicle. This video claimed to be captured from National Highway. 

His car is going at high speed and two of his gunmen are also hanging on the outside endangering their lives by opening the doors of the car. In this matter, Minister Laljit Bhullar said that this video is old. This video was made when he won the election. 

However, seeing the gunmen with him and the two pilots driving ahead, questions are also being raised on this claim. Minister Laljit Bhullar shook hands as he stepped out of the car's sunroof and the gunmen hung open the doors of the car. 

 Watch Video:

Transport Minister said - I accept the mistake, about this Transport Minister Laljit Bhullar said that this video is about 3 months old. When we were coming back after winning the election. The minister said that only when I won I was given a necklace. After that, I was never given a necklace. 

However, when asked about the two pilot gipsies running in front of the minister, the minister said that the police administration had come to drop me at that time. These are his cars. However, on the question of doing such stunts despite being an elected representative, the minister said that if anything is wrong, then I apologize. 

National Road Safety Council member Dr Kamaljit Soi said that the video of the Transport Minister that has come is a violation of the Motor Vehicle Act. It comes under section 184F of the Motor Vehicle Act. In this, the Transport Minister and his gunmen can be imprisoned for one year. The fine can also be from 1, 000 to 10, 000 rupees. 

Multiple fines can be even higher if enforcement agencies so desire. By showing this, the minister is not only putting his life in danger but also inspiring other people to take such danger. This is not good road behaviour.

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