Congress Chief Navjot Singh Sidhu has geared up for Punjab elections 2022. Currently, he is trying his best to be the CM face of Punjab. Yesterday, he accompanied Congress leader Rahul Gandhi during his Punjab tour.

Sidhu's sister Suman Toor, who reached Chandigarh from the US, said that she had gone to meet Navjot Sidhu at his Amritsar home but he did not open the gate. Even blocked them on WhatsApp.  In 1986, when his father Bhagwant Sidhu's died, Sidhu along with his mother threw them out of the house soon after. Their mother’s body remained unattended at Delhi’s railway station during her death. Sidhu did all this for the property.

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However, condemning all the allegations put by Suman Toor, Navjot Kaur said, “Who is Suman Toor? I don't know this woman.”

“This woman is a child from Navjot Sidhu's father's first marriage. His father had two marriages. From his first marriage, he had two daughters. Maybe she is one of them.”

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