Weather Alert: Punjab Education department issues heatwave advisory for schools

The advisory underlines several methods to protect the students and teachers from the scorching heat this May 2024

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A heatwave advisory has been issued for schools in Punjab in light of the scorching weather in May 2024. The temperatures during daylight have been recorded above 40 degrees in many districts of Punjab. The Punjab education department has issued the advisory to protect students from heat in this summer season.


According to the advisory, students and teachers have been advised about clothing and methods to avoid heat. Students will be made aware about this in the morning assembly and Physical Education period.


Students and teachers have been advised to stay updated with the weather related news by reading newspapers or listening to TV and radio. It is also suggested to download weather on your phone.


The advisory also states that hydration is important and so large amounts of water should be consumed. Along with this, the advisory states that if you are suffering from heart, kidney or liver diseases or drink less water then steps should be taken to increase fluids through medical advice.


Alternative, the use of Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) has been suggested. Similarly, home-made liquids like lemon water, lassi, coconut water etc. can be used. Also, it is suggested to always wear light colored clothes when going out.


Head and hands should be well covered to avoid direct sunlight when leaving the house. Use glasses to protect the eyes and sunscreen with a sufficient Sun Protection Factor (SPF) to protect the skin.


There are more than 19 thousand schools in Punjab with more than 30 lakh students studying in them. This initiative has been taken to ensure the safety of these students. Along with this, the support of school management committees will also be mandatory for the utmost success in this endeavour.