Indonesia Landslides; death toll rises to 15

The West Java Province of Indonesia was hit by the Natural Disaster

Indonesia Landslides; death toll rises to 15 -

Jakarta, Jan 2: The death toll from the landslides hitting the West Java province of Indonesia has reached to 15 with 20 still missing, reported the officials. The disaster has devastated Sinaresmi village of Sukabumi district in which three villagers were injured, reported Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, the spokesman of the National Disaster Management Agency.

Rescuers were trying to recover the victims which are believed to be buried by soil and rocks along with 30 houses in the village, he said. However, the rescuers faced the threat of another landslides during their relief mission.

"Four other small scale landslides occurred. The loose soil texture and unstable earth conditions have endangered the rescuers particularly when rains fall," Sutopo added. "One of the two heavy machinery equipment has arrived at the scene to help the search and rescue mission".

A total of 63 villagers survived the landslides and were taking shelters in safer places, according to the spokesman. Heavy downpours were blamed for the deadly disaster striking at 17:00 hrs Jakarta time Monday.
Indonesia is frequently stricken by landslides and flash floods during the rain season.