Wedding bells: Two Ukrainian soldiers tie the knot in military uniform on battlefield; Watch Video

Lesya and Valeriy are two soldiers from 112 brigade of the territorial defence who tied the knot on March 6 in Kyiv.

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The Russia Ukraine War continues for the 12th day in a row. Earlier, a ceasefire was done in two cities. Although, Russia finished it in a few hours and started bombing.

Amid the war crisis, a video of two Ukrainian soldiers is circulating on social media in which they can be seen getting married to each other in military uniform. The couple has been together for 22 years and has joined the fight against Russian forces.

Lesya and Valeriy are two soldiers from the 112 brigade of the territorial defence who tied the knot on March 6 in Kyiv. Take a look at their video:

A user shared their video on Twitter, “Sitting here in tears this morning, for the courage of #Ukraine soldiers, and the optimism and dedication of this couple, and of course their wedding chorus. Congratulations and best wishes to Lesya and Valeriy, for a long and satisfying marriage.”

Another user called it a powerful image of war and wrote, “A powerful image of war: a military priests carrying a wedding ceremony for two soldiers. #Ukrainians, may God bless you and keep you, while you are fighting for the survival of your people.”

Meanwhile, PM Modi has spoken to the President of Ukraine Zelensky. They discussed the situation of war that arose in Ukraine and considered its different dimensions. According to information received from sources, Prime Minister Modi appreciated the ongoing direct talks between Russia and Ukraine.