US President Joe Biden was caught on a live microphone Monday calling a Fox News journalist a "stupid son of a bitch". On the question of rising inflation in America, President Joe Biden became so angry that he abused the journalist who asked the question in the press conference. 

This video of Biden is going viral on social media. Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Biden how much his party would suffer in the mid-term election due to the ever-increasing inflation in the country. To this Biden replied that it would not harm and then called the journalist a 'stupid son of bitch'.

Last week, a Fox News reporter asked her on the Ukraine issue, "Why are you waiting for the Russian president to make the first move?" To this, Biden angrily asked what a stupid question.

Doocy later said that Biden called him within the hour and said: "It's nothing personal, pal."

US President Joe Biden has completed one year in power. Many of his decisions have been questioned, but he is still being questioned over the military withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

This is not the first time Joe Biden was caught abusing on camera. In June 2021, Biden was caught on camera lashing out at a CNN reporter.


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