What is better for depression: Therapy or medication? Here’s what study says

With ever increasing cases of depression being recorded, is therapy or medication more effective?

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In the modern era, every human being is getting detached from his relationships due to connection with the technology. As a result, they feel loneliness. This loneliness within a person surrounds him with various diseases. In today's period, people of all age groups are suffering from depression. Humans have come under the spell of depression due to tampering with nature.


Humans from every corner of the world are fighting this disease due to increase in the use of technology and lack of love in relationships. To get rid of this, usually thousands of people went to hospitals every day to take medicines from the doctors. Usually, experiments are carried out by medical professionals to treat various symptoms of depression in the patients.


The research by researcher Diksha Sachdeva of Punjabi University Patiala under the supervision of Dr. Sandeep Grover of PGIMER, Chandigarh after signing an MoU was conducted.  In this research a sample of 80 cases was selected for this study from PGIMER, Chandigarh out of which one group was treated with medicines and the other group was treated with Mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT). The results of these 80 cases received from first two months and then after six months, have been kept under study for research purposes.


They analysed that 52% Patients were improved with therapy and 22% with only medicines. So, the result is that available medicines for depression patients are becoming less effective and therapy is becoming more effective. Patients cannot get relief from medication alone, so they must adopt the therapy also to get back to their normal life style.


A disease like depression can be quickly removed from every person's life only if one is indulged in the society and avoid living in isolation. Always enjoy the warmth of nature and your close relationships. The famous saying of sages that “an idle mind is the home of the devil and with the arrival of the devil, various diseases also knock on the human body”.


This article was written by a student as part of the Youth Ambassador Program. the views expressed are the author's own.