What is “Click Here”? Here’s what the viral ‘downward arrow’ posts on X mean

A basic photo of an arrow pointing down diagonally went viral on X, but what does it mean? Read here to find out

India Trending What is Click Here

X (formerly Twitter) was filled with thousands of posts featuring a minimalist image of a white background with the words "Click Here" written in a bold black font and an arrow pointing downwards at an angle. Several users, including some political leaders, were left scratching their heads wondering about what this trend is. 


Major political parties like BJP, AAP and Shiv Sena partook in this trend on X. But what does this trend mean? Read on to find out:


The arrow in the ‘Click here’ meme points to the “alt text" or “alternative text" section located on the left, which helps users annotate the photos when they upload on the social media platform with text. Using text-to-speech recognition and Braille language, this feature can assist those who are visually challenged to understand the image. 


The “ALT” text was introduced by the platform back in 2016 when the social media company was still known as Twitter. With the alt text feature, photo descriptions can have a maximum of 420 characters.


Several netizens were left baffled by the sudden flooding of the meme. “What is the click here pic story.? My timeline is full of it!" Shiv Sena leader Priyanka Chaturvedi wrote on the social media platform. Another user commented, "On Twitter everyone is doing the "Click here" trend and on IG everyone is posting videos of ceiling fans on their Notes and I don't understand either 😭 someone pls explainnn."


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) themselves participated in the trend, putting “Phir ek baar Modi sarkar (Modi sarkar once again)." in the ALT text.


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