What happened to Djidja Cardoso? 32-year-old Brazilian folk singer found dead at home

The 32-year-old Djidja Cardoso rose to fame for her performance with the band Boi Garantido

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In a heart breaking development, a 32-year-old Brazilian folk singer Djidja Cardoso on Tuesday was found dead at her home by her family. Djidja Cardoso's death was confirmed by her family to a UK media portal. Djidja Cardoso rose to fame for her performance with the band Boi Garantido. Djidja Cardoso also enjoyed more than 80K followers on Instagram. As per reports, Djidja Cardoso's family friend confirmed the tragic news and said that her family had attempted to reach her on the phone for several hours before finding her. Now, the question arises what happened to Djidja Cardoso or what is Djidja Cardoso's death reason? Below is what we know about Djidja Cardoso's cause of death-

What happened to Djidja Cardoso?

As per reports, Djidja Cardoso died due to suspected drug overdose. It is reported that Djidja Cardoso's cause of death is due to taking the horse tranquilliser ketamine. ketamine is often used illegally as a recreational drug. Djidja Cardoso was found unconscious  in bed at around 6am on Tuesday. 

As of now Djidja Cardoso's autopsy is going on and her cause of death is not officially revealed yet. However, the cops suspect that the 32-year-old suspect a ketamine overdose. Djidja Cardoso was mostly active in the music industry between 2016 and 2020. After taking a step back from performing, she opened her BelleFemme beauty salon in the Amazon region.

Djidja rose to fame after her show at the Parintins Folk Festival, a three-day cultural celebration native to the area in Brazil.

Reacting to her death, a fan commented on her Instagram post, "She had 69k followers and after she passed away she has over 81k followers."

Another user wrote, "Such a beautiful woman, so full of light and good energy."

"Still in disbelief," wrote another user.

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