What happened to Hina Khan? Actress confirms suffering from THIS deadly disease

Addressing 'Hinaholics' on her Instagram handle, Hina Khan appealed to her fans to send their love & prayers at the same time respect her privacy.

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Former Bigg Boss contestant & actress Hina Khan on Friday shocked everyone when she shared that she is suffering from a deadly disease. Addressing 'Hinaholics' on her Instagram handle, Hina Khan appealed to her fans to send their love & prayers at the same time respect her privacy. Hina Khan was recently seen in the Amazon Mini TV web series Namacool in which she played the character of a college teacher. Now, the question arises what happened to Hina Khan or what is Hina Khan's health update? 

What happened to Hina Khan?

The answer is breast cancer. Hina Khan on Friday shared that she has been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. In a note shared by the 36-year-old actress, Hina said, "Hello Everyone, To address the recent rumor, I want to share some important news with all the Hinaholics and everyone who loves and cares for me. I have been diagnosed with Stage Three Breast Cancer. Despite this challenging diagnosis, I want to reassure everyone that I am doing well. I am strong, determined, and fully committed to overcoming this disease. My treatment has already begun, and I am ready to do everything necessary to emerge from this even stronger."

"I kindly ask for your respect and privacy during this time. I deeply appreciate your love, strength. and blessings. Your personal experiences. anecdotes, and supportive suggestions would mean the world to me as I navigate this journey. I along with my family and loved ones, remain focused, determined, and positive. With the grace of the Almighty, we believe I will overcome this challenge and be completely healthy. Please send your prayers, blessings, and love," added Hina. 

As per the National Breast Cancer Foundation,  breast cancer (Stage 3)  is a more advanced form of invasive breast cancer than Stage 2. Stage 3 breast cancer has one or more of the following features- May be large (typically bigger than 5 cm), May have spread to several lymph nodes in the underarm area (axillary nodes), or other areas near the breast, and May have spread to other tissues around the breast such as skin, muscle or ribs.

It is pertinent to mention here that the exact cause of most breast cancers isn't known. Researchers have found things that increase the risk of breast cancer. These include hormones, lifestyle choices and things in the environment.