What happened to Joe Biden? US President's confused gestures in Normandy sparks 'poop in pant' theory

or those who are unaware, on 6 June 1944, tens of thousands of soldiers landed on five beaches in Normandy, northern France

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The US and the world celebrated the 80th anniversary of D-Day on June 6, 2024. US President Joe Biden was the chief guest at Normady's D-Day Celebration. For those who are unaware, on 6 June 1944, tens of thousands of soldiers landed on five beaches in Normandy, northern France. It was the largest amphibious invasion in the history of warfare which played a crucial role in the defeat of Nazi Germany and the liberation of Europe. While the event was quite prestigious and historically significant for France, the UK, and the US, Joe Biden's confusing gestures have sparked multiple conspiracy theories. Now, the question arises what happened to Joe Biden during Normandy's D-Day event?

What happened to Joe Biden?

US President Joe Biden's multiple videos from D-Day's event went viral on social media. In one of the videos, Biden surprisingly turned behind when everyone including French President Emmanuel Macron, Jill Biden, and the veterans were standing in respect of the flag. In another video, when Joe Biden arrived on the stage, every dignitary greeted him including Macron. When an announcement was going on and everyone was standing, Joe Biden was trying to sit on the chair. However, Biden stopped midway indicting the US President is not comfortable standing or even sitting. As a result, Jill Biden took Joe Biden away as soon as the event concluded. 

This gesture sparked wild conspiracy theories with Americans on social media claiming that US President Joe Biden 'pooped in his pants' during the D-Day event. However, many countered Joe Biden's poop-gate theories. A user wrote, "He's still clearly not entirely with it. He doesn't know whether to sit or stand."

"Agreed but the poop thing is disingenuous and wrong to do," wrote another user. 

Another user shared Joe Biden's Normandy video outlining multiple bizarre mistakes committed by the US President. "Joe Biden highlights in Normandy on the 80th anniversary of D-Day: - Sits in an invisible chair - Forgets where his seat is - Talks about how many Russians died in Ukraine - Gets pulled away by Docta Jill as Macron greets D-Day veterans."


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