What is Gympie Gympie? UK man grows Plant which 'forces people to suicide'

Gympie-Gympie is a relatively harmless-looking plant until you touch it.

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'Discovery is discovery- be it good or bad', the quote turned into a reality when 'a bored' man from the United Kingdom apparently grew the world's most dangerous plant named Gympie-Gympie. The UK man named Daniel Emlyn-Jones was quoted by British media organisations saying that he was a bit border and therefore he grew Gympie-Gympie 'very safely' as 'some botanic gardens have these plants as interesting specimens'. For the unversed, Gympie-Gympie is a relatively harmless-looking plant until you touch it. The plant has a sting that feels like being burnt with hot acid and electrocuted at the same time, and often drives people in agony to kill themselves and is thus also called the 'suicide plant'.

Reportedly, Daniel told the media that he grew such a dangerous plant because he was "a bit bored with geraniums" and wanted to add "a bit of excitement" to his green hobby."After growing my bananas in the front garden, I thought the Gympie-Gympie plant would keep things interesting. I planted these in the spring, so they've taken a good few months to grow now," Daniel was quoted by a news agency.

Furthermore, he revealed that if touched, Gympie-Gympie is capable of torturing its victims for over a year if its stinging hairs are not removed from the skin. One man reportedly shot himself dead after being driven mad by the pain when he used the nettle-like shrub as toilet paper. Reportedly, Daniel is a teacher in Oxford University. The teacher also revealed that he once came in contact with the suicide plant, however, 'he got 3 percent hydrochloric acid which can soak the area with for 15 minutes to lessen the sting'. The teacher said that 'it was very slight - it didn't really bother me much to be honest.'

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