Microsoft is already leading the AI race with the introduction of its famous chatbot ChatGPT which has answers to almost every question and is capable of doing any task. The only thing prohibited in it is, ChatGPT converses only in text and does not use any kind of images or graphics. To solve this problem as well, Microsoft has introduced all-new Visual ChatGPT. It is a model that combined old ChatGPT with visual foundation models. This has allowed the chatbot to communicate with people beyond language and use various images to talk to users.

What is Visual ChatGPT?

Visual ChatGPT is a new AI model introduced by Microsoft that combined chatbot with visual foundation models like Transformers, ControlNet, and Stable Diffusion. Through this, ChatGPT will now be able to communicate with users via text as well as images. Apart from this, Visual ChatGPT can also create, crop, edit images as per commands of the user. After the introduction of Visual ChatGPT, it will chat with users and may also generate or receive images. Apart from this, ChatGPT will also be able to do basic level editing based on the command given.

How to use Visual ChatGPT?

First of all, Visual ChatGPT demo has to be run. According to its official website, you have to do the coding mentioned below. Post this, demo for Visual ChatGPT will start to run on your PC.

Apart from this the Visual ChatGPT will be introduced properly after the release of GPT-4 which is considered as a successor of earlier ChatGPT. As per information, it is about to be released in the next week and there are claims that it is far better than the earlier one. As soon as the GPT-4 gets introduced, it will be interesting to see how the Visual Chatbot works.

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