What is the Red Room scene? Luther The Fallen Sun True Story Explained

Superintendent Martin Schenk allegedly tells John Luther that "Red Rooms don't exist" at some point in Luther: The Fallen Sun.

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Veteran Hollywood actor Idris Elba's film Luther: The Fallen Sun was released on Netflix in February, however, the movie has still managed to remain in the elite list of most-watched movies in the week of March 2023 in the United States of America. For those who are yet to watch, Luther: The Fallen Sun is a psychological thriller directed by Jamie Payne. Idris Elba starrer movie revolves around the brilliant London DCI John Luther on the hunt for a deranged cyber-terrorist and serial killer. It's revealed that David Robey (Andy Serkis), the film's main antagonist, was the one who managed to get Luther put in prison by unearthing some of the detective's questionable past arrests; personal vendetta aside, Robey has taken to targeting random British citizens and threatening to expose their deepest and darkest secrets in order to blackmail them. Keeping the story and spoilers intact for those who haven't watched, Luther: The Fallen Sun is being widely appreciated due to its star cast as well. Luther: The Fallen Sun's starcast has been discussed below. Assuming you are reading this write-up, you have watched the movie and has the same question about Red Room's true story.

Is Luther: The Fallen Sun's Red Room plot is true story?

The answer is yes and no at the same time. Confused, Right? Superintendent Martin Schenk allegedly tells John Luther that "Red Rooms don't exist" at some point in Luther: The Fallen Sun. What he truly means is that although the idea of the Red Room is well-known on the dark web, there has never been any proof that one was ever actually organized. However, as per IMDB, the movie even incorporates a real-life horror story in a scenario that occurs in front of the Anatomical Crucifixion, a historic and eerily disturbing piece of art that is shown in London's Royal Academy of the Arts. But, there is no evidence that the movie is completely based on a true story.

To be precise, another report suggests that the red room (or in this case, Red Bunker) in the Netflix movie Luther: The Fallen Sun is real, red rooms in real life are considered urban legends. The dark web myth takes its name from a Japanese Internet urban legend, although dark web red rooms are said to function differently. On the dark web, red rooms refer to live torture and murder in online livestreams and chatrooms. Reported instances of red rooms like in the Netflix movie have lacked evidence and therefore have been ruled hoaxes, largely due to a lack of ability for the required darknets to support streaming capabilities.

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Whose who in Luther: The Fallen Sun?

Talking about its starcast, Idris Elba is playing the character of John Luther, Cynthia Erivo as Odette Raine, Andy Serkis as David Robey, Dermot Crowley as DSU Martin Schenk, Thomas Coombes as Archie Woodward, Hattie Morahan as Corinne Aldrich, Lauryn Ajufo as Anya Raine, Vincent Regan as Dennis McCabe and more. John Luther is a former Chief Inspector with the Serious Crime Unit at the Met, who was known for his brilliant deduction skills and ability to bring criminals to justice, but did so through unorthodox and often illegal means