What is Vestibular Hypofunction? Varun Dhawan shares his health update on this rare disease

The actor first opened up about his diagnosis in an interview and later shared the detail on this rare condition recently via a series of tweets

What is Vestibular Hypofunction? Varun Dhawan shares his health update on this rare disease -

The Bollywood star Varun Dhawan opened up about his rare health condition, Vestibular Hypofunction during an interview recently, leaving his fans in shock.

Describing his prevailing health issues Varun Dhawan appeared for his fans yet again and provided an update on his health where he wrote in a series of tweets, “Hey guys I know I had recently given an interview where I spoke about my health not being 100 percent. The amount of concern and love that has followed has left me humbled and actually very energized to get back to 100 percent. To everyone who has been concerned, I would like to share I am doing much better with the help of yoga, swimming, physio, and a change in lifestyle. Getting sun is the most important. Above all the blessings of Bhagwan.”

Following the announcement from the actor, the fans are sharing their wishes and concerns over his health status. But, what is this disease all about that has left the actor and all of us in a state of concern?

What is Vestibular Hypofunction?

Vestibular Hypofunction is a disorder wherein the balance in the inner ear doesn’t function properly. As per several neurologists, this disease attacks people mostly over the age of 40 and may affect one year, when it is called unilateral Vestibular Hypofunction and bilateral when the disease attacks both ears.

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In this circumstance, the disease leaves people with symptoms such as episodic dizziness, disbalance, and other neurological disorder like Vertigo, Nausea, a series of vomiting where the patient sweat profusely, intolerance to head motion, and postural instability among other symptoms.

At present, Varun Dhawan is promoting his upcoming thriller ‘Bhediya’ which features Kriti Sanon in the lead. The movie is set for its release on November 25th, apart from this the actor is also bracing up for the web series Citadel where he will be seen alongside Samantha Ruth Prabhu.