What is real wealth? Putting the age-old 'Money vs Health' debate to rest once & for all

Most people consider money, property, cars, etc as their wealth, but is it really real wealth for a person?

Youth Money vs Health Money or Health

In the world, real wealth is always considered in the form of material things like money, property, buildings, cars, land, and jewellery, but the question that arises is: is it real wealth for a person? On the other hand, there is a very old saying that "health is wealth," which means a person with a healthy body and mind is the richest person ever. 


Nowadays, life has become very ambitious and tough, and money has become an important part of life. And for that, everyone is working hard day and night to meet both ends and fulfill their ambitions. But in this process, they are completely neglecting their health by working late at night, skipping meals, and taking on too much stress. It results in various health issues like insomnia, diabetes, depression, anxiety, blood pressure issues, etc. It is noticed that many people with a good amount of material wealth often lack health; they are suffering from blood pressure issues, diabetes, depression, insomnia, etc. 


What is the benefit of having wealth at the cost of your health?

If a person is not healthy both mentally and physically, then that person can't experience the joy of life even after gaining wealth.


Money is important for living, but it is not more important than a person's well-being. A person needs to understand that to have a prosperous and wealthy life, they need to be healthy both physically and mentally. For that, people need to have a proper and timely meal, practice meditation and yoga, exercise, and stop taking unnecessary stress about work and other things because "health is wealth".