Multiple conspiracy theories started to surface on social media after a mysterious blue light lit up the sky moments before the horrific Morocco earthquake killed thousands of people. The Morocco earthquake which killed at least 2900 people was lit up with a mysterious blue sky which was caught on camera and later shared on social media. Morocco earthquake blue light video recently went viral on social media and netizens believed that there might be something fishy behind the deadly natural calamity. Some even claimed that Morocco earthquake blue light video is a testament of the presence of aliens living among the humans which may be responsible for the deadly quake. Now, Morocco earthquake blue light truth has been revealed by Twitter or X's fact-checking mechanism itself and it ruled out ever conspiracy theory which was circulating online.

In the viral Morocco earthquake blue light video, intriguing bursts of blue light in the sky were captured by security cameras in one of the city's residences, approximately three minutes before the powerful earthquake. The mystery deepened after many pointed out the fact that they were documented by other security cameras prior to the devastating earthquake in Turkey earlier this year, which claimed the lives of 45,000 people. Refuting alien or UFOs theory online, Twitter's own fact-checking claimed that the blue flash was nothing but an electric cut from a piece of damaged electrical equipment.

X wrote, "The flash in the video (23:08:15) was a power flash – this is “a flash of light caused by arcing electrical discharges from damaged electrical equipment, most often severed or arcing power lines...After that, you can see the area go dark due to the power outage."

The post was shared a European Media agency with the caption saying, "Mysterious blue light flashed in the sky moments before the #Morocco earthquake..A similar phenomenon was previously observed before the earthquake in Turkey...Scientists cannot accurately determine the nature of such outbreaks, but they suggest that this may be the release of energy as a result of the movement of lithospheric plates."

Watch the viral Morocco earthquake blue light video

What did netizens say about the viral Morocco earthquake blue light video?

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A user wrote, "Earthquakes release a ton of energy and it often turns into light. It’s a thing. There have been many accounts of people noticing pulses of light and shimmering in the air right before the tremors strike."

Another user wrote, "blue beam alien's"

One more user wrote, "That's electrical transformers blowing out where the earthquake started."

"Ufo-they are among us," added another user.

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