World music day unites people all over the globe on their mutual love for music and gives them a chance to show love for this beautiful art form. In the past two pandemic years, what has music meant to us?

 Several months had to be spent inside the houses with very few things to do or to keep our minds away from all the misfortune happening in the outside world. We were anxious, afraid and confused. In this situation, we turned to music a lot more than we usually do.

Music helped us elevate ourselves to a happier place. In many countries- most of them in Europe and South America - music lovers performed on their terraces and balconies and, they were joined by their neighbours. This made people feel whole again.

With the summer solstice close by, we are now all set for The World Music Day on June 21. After being walled in for a long time, the amateurs and the professionals are dying to take their music to the streets and the stadiums.

Philippines and Brazil, open up public parks, recreation areas, and common walkways for performing musicians. This concept originated in 1982 in France. Those who want to perform can apply to the Government-backed Fete De La Musique portal and pick the place they want for the performance. In England, there are public pianos. Luke Jerram has started a project which puts 20 million pianos on the streets in 70 different cities across the globe.

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On this Music day, we should go out and celebrate it with our loved ones, we need to support the budding artists who bring so much joy to our life. In this world of uncertainties, there is only one thing certain- our mutual love for music.

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