Famous American pop singer Nick Jonas is all set to collaborate with Indian Rapper King for the latest version of already hit song ‘Maan Meri Jaan.’ Through a collaborative post, both Nick Jonas and King announced first-ever collaboration titled as ‘Maan Meri Jaan (Afterlife).’ Although no teaser of shorts of video have been released but the artists have announced release date for the same.

Through a collaborative post, King and Nick Jonas announced that their upcoming track, ‘Maan Meri Jaan (Afterlife) will be released on 10th March 2023 and link to pre-save the song is in their bio. From the time this announcement has been made, fans can’t keep for one of the best collaborations till date.

Apart from this, Priyanka Chopra shared story of the same and wrote, “Congratulations Nick Jonas & King.” While various users wrote, “collab of the year”, "this is going to be huge", “best collaboration till date.” King released the very first version of Maan Meri Jaan in 2022 which gained a lot of praise and popularity. The song for a very long time was used as a backdrop for Instagram reels.

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