White House warns Kamala Harris - niece, Meena Harris from using her aunt's fame to build her brand

White House lawyers set new rules for Meena Harris stopping her from profiting off using her aunt's fame.

White House has warned Kamala Harris’s niece Meena Harris from using her aunt’s fame to gain profit for her brand. The lawyer turned entrepreneur has since long used her aunt’s fame to propel her brand into the limelight. The Vice President’s associates are getting concerned about the ethical aspects of the promotional pattern being utilised by Mena Harris and a White House legal team has cautioned her not to "build her brand" by using the US Vice President's name.

"Some things can't be undone. But that being said: Behaviour needs to change," said a White House official about Meena Harris.

Patterned Behaviour

Meena Harris kept promoting her involvement in her aunt’s career and her doing the promotional activities being unpaid during the US election campaigns and raised eyebrows of Kamala’s advisor and close aides. She launched her recent children's book 'Ambitious Girl' on the eve of inauguration day. She even keeps discussing how historic her aunt has become the VP and promoted her book. 

Words like “Vice President Aunty” were printed on Phenomenal sweatshirts which is Menna’s lifestyle brand. 

As per resorts, White House officials after the elections told Meena that she could no longer use Kamala Harris name or likeness to produce any product or write books. 

But even after Meena was briefed with the new rules she flew into Washington DC for the inauguration in a private plane with a Biden donor and posted about it on social media. 

In addition to all these allegations, Meena also raised fury when she commented on Indian farmers' protest. Augmenting misinformation, Meena in a tweet wrote she was “outraged” by “paramilitary violence against farmer protesters” in New Delhi when in contrast the violence was unleashed by the protesters. 

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Who is Meena Harris?

Meenakshi Ashley Harris, in short, is called Meena Harris is an American lawyer, children's book author, producer, and founder of the lifestyle Phenomenal. She is the niece of US Vice President Kamala Harris. 





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