Who is Bushra Bibi? Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan's third wife jailed for 14 years

Apart from Bushra Biri, former Pakistan PM, Imran Khan was also sentenced to 14 years of prison in the Toshakhana Case

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With a few days to go for Pakistan's General Elections, the country's former Prime Minister Imran Khan, and his third wife Bushra Bibi aka Bushra Khan on Wednesday was jailed for 14 years. Apart from Bushra Biri, former Pakistan PM Imran Khan was also sentenced to 14 years of prison in the Toshakhana Case. Notably, on Tuesday, Imran Khan was sentenced to 10 years in prison for leaking state secrets. Imran Khan is already serving a 3 year sentence over corruption allegations. Now, the question arises who is Bushra Bibi and why she has been jailed for 14 years? Below is everything you need to know about Imran Khan's third wife- 


Who is Bushra Bibi?


As mentioned above Bushra Bibi is the third wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chief & former PM Imran Khan. Bushra married Imran Khan six months before he became the Prime Minister of Pakistan. She belongs to the Wattoo clan, a landowning Jat group from Pakpattan. Pakpattan is reportedly known for being home to the Shrine of Baba Farid, of whom both she and Khan are spiritual followers, and where they first met. Notably, before marrying Imran Khan, Bushra Bibi was married to Khawar Maneka. Bushra and Khawar Maneka share three daughters and two sons. But they got divorced in 2017. Therefore, Bushra married to Imran Khan. 


It is pertinent to mention here that Bushra Bibi often remains in controversy. Among the most bizarre controversies are her ability to speak to Djinns or supernatural forces. Not only this, Bushra has been accused of practicing black magic as well. 


Why Bushra Bibi is jailed for 14 years?


The Toshakhana rules are linked to gifts from the state treasury - state that government officials are allowed to keep gifts as long as they pay a price for them. However, the gifts should be first deposited. Tosakhana is a department under the Cabinet Division which keeps gifts and expensive things received by all public officials.


On Wednesday, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) said that he and wife Bushra Khan were each jailed for 14 years by an anti-graft court in Islamabad. Bushra Khan, commonly known as Bushra Bibi, was arrested shortly after the verdict. The verdict also includes a ten-year disqualification from Khan holding public office.


Imran Khan's legal team in a statement reportedly said, "Another sad day in our judicial system history, which is being dismantled. No cross-questioning allowed, no final argument concluded and decision pops up like a pre-determined process in play."