Who is Alina Kabaeva? Vladimir Putin secretly living with girlfriend & children at new $120 million villa

Putin has been living with his girlfriend Alina Kabaeva in a villa worth $120 million located on Lake Valdai.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin recently came under all the limelight after various media organizations of Russia that Putin has been living with his girlfriend Alina Kabaeva in a villa worth $120 million located on Lake Valdai. Reportedly, Putin has been spending millions of dollars for his girlfriend Alina Kabaeva to buy her and her children big mansions and luxurious penthouses. The construction of mansion where currently he along with his live-in girlfriend and children are staying began in the year 2020 and was completed in two years. The mansion is nearly 13,000 square feet and was built entirely of wood in the style of a Russian dacha. It has now been almost a decade that Alina Kabaeva has been romantically linked to Vladimir Putin. Although they both have several times denied being together but in 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics both were seen wearing wedding rings which quite clarified the conjecture. Alina was also selected as the torchbearer for that event rekindling that she was President’s favourite.

Who is Alina Kabaeva?

Alina Kabaeva is a 39-year-old Olympic rhythmic gymnastics champion. Along with being a gymnast, she is also a Russian Politician. Alina Kabaeva has been designated as Honoured Master of Sports by the Russian government. Talking about her sports career, she is one of the veterans gymnasts of Russia and has around 2 Olympic medals, 14 World Championship medals, and 21 European Championship medals. Apart from this, Kabaeva has been the State Duma Deputy from 2007 to 2014.

Giving insight into her personal life, Alina was born on 12 May 1983 in Tashkent, Uzbek SSR. She is daughter of a professional football player. While her father belongs to a Muslim background and her mother is a Russian. In the year 2001, leaders of world rhythmic gymnastics Russian women Alina Kabaeva and Irina Chashchina were convicted of using furosemide and as a result they were banned for two years.